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ProductCamp Vancouver 2023


This year at ProductCamp we will have 3 types of sessions:

  1. Presentations (structured sharing of ideas or information to the audience)

  2. Panels

  3. Workshops 

To submit a session: check to see if your idea is already submitted, if not, go for it.

Creativity and diversity of backgrounds is very welcome!
Please select the type of session you are proposing, write a session title, description and a short blurb about the value you bring to the topic.

To vote: click on the appropriate button for a pre-submitted session that interests you.

You have 10 votes in total, ideally distributed across the different session types.
You can always redistribute your votes if a great session gets submitted after you’ve used all 10.  

How it works:

  • Mon, Feb 27: The most popular session will be shortlisted

  • Tue, Feb 28: Session leaders notified via email

  • Sat, March 4: Schedule is finalized and shared with participants

Don’t forget to register to attend at:

See you at ProductCamp Vancouver!

Please note:

  • Anonymous sessions will be deleted

  • Each potential session leader is limited to two session proposals 

  • Ideas that are deemed inappropriate for ProductCamp will be flagged &/or deleted

ProductCamp Vancouver 2023


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